I’ve done my MTA Certification and will continue for MCSD, thats what i was thinking, but really its a headache, to do all the process without getting lost or getting trouble with your account to connect from certiport to Microsoft account !!


I have completed MTA certification and can see my certificates on www.certiport.com, when i click on “Official Certificates” link, it takes me to  MCP Site where i login with my live account. xxx@live.com and hoping to see my certificates on MCP portal, but it shows me below error, its been days and i am still stuck to it, posted questions on blog and look around for answer but useless… now i am trying to reach customer server for help… lets see whats next… (25-August-2016)


“Sorry! We are unable to provide access to the benefits and exams dashboard (formerly known as ‘member site’) because the login you used is not currently associated with successful exam completion. This could be due to one of these situations:
1. Exam information may not have been sent yet to Microsoft from the appropriate Exam Delivery Provider. Please allow up to 7 days for this to occur.
2. You may have previously signed in and created a duplicate profile on www.microsoft.com/learning 

For assistance, please contact your Microsoft Regional Service Center.”