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Experience as SSE in Emirates Airlines (Emirates Group)

Emirates Airlie was one of Dream organisation, where i wished to work and it was amazing. The Process and Flows were truly amazing, i get chance to work…

Web portal Integrated with Lamp

Web portal Integrated with Lamp Whenever our Lead Generation sites get a new lead we list that lead Live on our portal and fire a green light pulse…

Flight Arbitrage Expert System

We build a flight arbitrage system and it was doing good, i think what contributed to the success (from MVP to profit) of that project was that we…

My Tech Stack

My tech stack from last few projects.

Flight Arbitrage System

A Flight arbitrage system that was integrated with multiple clients like Skyscanner / Mediaalpha etc Flow is same as any other arbitrage system is to buy traffic with…

Intent Match – AD Serving Platform

Our team was given a challenge to develop this module for a product which is the backbone of that product and the old solution (to Serve Live Ad)…

Sharjah Airport Website and Services

CR Module  Website and Services 

Swarm – Podcast Hosting Platform

A Podcast Hosting Platform where people can listen podcast and share feedback. With multiple time zones and multiple locations user can filter.   

Hub – An Internal PM Tool

We were using Codebase and at that time there wasn’t any easy was to to just keep an eye on projects timeline and monitor only few selected. We…

Vicidial Dashboard

VICIdial is an open-source call center solution. We build this plugin which intercept events and show them on Dashboard.

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