Our team was given a challenge to develop this module for a product which is the backbone of that product and the old solution (to Serve Live Ad) wasn’t as per expectations. We were given a challenge either to optimize it or build a new solution that should serve live Ads on our clients site. Contract was signed with clients but our system wasn’t performing because of huge traffic volume.
We proposed / developed an efficient  architecture which performed as per expectations. It was quite challenging and we equally enjoyed working on it.

Teach Stack:

  • Laravel PHP – Laravel ecosystem land tools ike Laravel Echo for real time updates and other tools like horizon for que management etc
  • Vue JS – Stand alone component (Single File Components)
  • AWS – S3 – CloudFront
  • Redis – Cache and Queues
  • MariaDB
Some Other tools: 
  • Sentry.io for error tracking on Backend and Frontend
  • Laravel Horizon
  • Envoyer and Gitlab
  • Google Optimize for A/B testing
  • Google Tag Manager etc



See Project Details:



Ad Window Loading Flow: 

below is flow diagram of how our script load ad windows on client site. This is just a general overview of loading ad windows where we have excluded a lot of decision making in flow and kept it simple to understand. See Singleton Service (JS Script) which was responsible to load Ads on clients sites …