Clicksco Financial Services specialised in number of financial service products based in UK market. Whilst in this role clicksco financial service merged with My Pension Export Ltd. My Pension Export specialised in providing independent advice to UK consumers abuot their pension plans – it arranges millions of pound worth of retirement income options each week. My Pension Expert has since left the Clicksco Group.


System to manage Lead, Landing Pages & Services

My Role: 

Started as Frontend Developer in this team to build landing pages but later started developing management site and called it PMD (Project Management Dashboard) where we can

  • List all landers
  • See each lander performance
  • We automated test for frontend UI and Backend Services
  • On demand test run from UI
  • See test result for UI acceptance and third party services
  • See Live Leads coming through
  • Alert section in case of test error or we do not see lead coming through for a specific threshold